I saw you on that bridge for the first time in 1939
the nagging war made the joy of living rot,
under the dark of the empty future prospect.
I never understood what you were doing at the time. .
I crossed that bridge every morning, with the others.
On that bridge, I saw you with him for the first time,
but you weren’t smiling.
I wanted to take you away, but you weren’t alone on the bridge,
you were always with him,
day after day.
And I kept waiting for you on that bridge,
but by now he had become an integral part of your soul,
I could not separate you.
He used to do. funny faces, now you were laughing,
so I passed on and left you alone on the deck.
Work took me far, that’s when I went back to the bridge
you were still, always with him, but you weren’t alone,
those children were so beautiful when they laughed.
I never wanted to stop children They laughed …
I left you on deck, alone, I didn’t want to disturb.
I didn’t see you again for many years.
I sighed, and went back to the deck,
you were always there with him.
How you got old, all those lines on your face,
all medals of a life lived at times happy, at times suffered.
I was always there, looking at you
Now you saw me is always with him, hand in hand you approach me,
“Sorry for the delay. Now we are ready.”
I smile I take you by the hand and we cross the bridge.



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